Monday, September 23, 2013

LEGO City Airport

LEGO City Airport

LEGO City Airport

Aerophiles rejoice! Lego’s colossal 700-piece airport kit is a very cool kit with tons of realistic details, including a jet (747, naturally) with seats and cockpit with instrumentation, air traffic control tower, baggage truck, baggage claim area with spinning conveyor belt, jetway, revolving door into airport, security checkpoint, viewing area, and a variety of airport personnel. Kids (and some adults, too; you know who you are…) will spend hours playing airport: sending travelers through grueling security checks (these are 21st century children, after all), boarding passengers and loading luggage, monitoring air traffic from the control tower, checking the engines of the airplane before take-off, spinning suitcases around the baggage carousel. Each major component (jet, main airport, air traffic control tower and jetway, baggage truck, baggage claim) has its own set of wordless instructions, which are fairly easy to follow, especially for veteran Lego craftspeople. And especially if you manage to keep the component parts separate…but that’s an issue that goes with the Lego territory. Truly, this is one fantastic addition to the Lego City collection. --Emilie Coulter

The City Hospital is ready to help!
When someone is sick in LEGO City, the staff of the City Hospital jumps into action! With three floors of medical rooms and equipment, a rescue helicopter and EMT truck, there's no emergency they can't handle!

  • Includes doctor, patient and 2 rescue worker minifigures with lots of accessories!
  • Includes rescue helicopter and EMT truck!
  • Hospital has three floors of exam rooms!

  • 2006 USA: Best Products of 2006 Award from iParenting

    • Amazon Sales Rank: #212528 in Toys & Games
    • Brand: LEGO
    • Model: 4283141
    • Released on: 2006-06-12
    • Dimensions: 1.00 pounds


    • Comes complete with control tower, security check, baggage claim, viewers' platform, airplane and luggage truck.
    • Includes 5 airport personnel minifigures.
    • Revolving door and baggage claim carousel really spin.
    • 700 pieces.
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