Friday, September 27, 2013

LEGO Orient Expedition Temple of Mount Everest (7417)

LEGO Orient Expedition Temple of Mount Everest (7417)

LEGO Orient Expedition Temple of Mount Everest (7417)

LEGO Orient Expedition: Temple of Mount Everest is both a LEGO set and a game. The set includes four figures (who serve as characters in the game), an airplane, and the temple. The airplane is fairly simple to construct, and one of the figures can be set up like a pilot. The temple is a bit more difficult, but has lots of great features with swinging doors, a swiveling bridge, and skulls with orange-plastic flames. The set also includes five game board pieces, 18 playing cards, and a six-sided die. One to two players take turns moving across the board, which is constructed from thin cardboard pieces, and into the temple. Each game can be customized by setting the board up in a different way or even combining it with other LEGO sets. Detailed instructions show how to assemble the LEGO with pictures and then give the game instructions in about 20 languages. The only real drawback is that by regimenting how it should be constructed as well as how it should be played, this LEGO set seems to have missed the point--although most kids will probably soon abandon the rule book to create their own adventures. --David Morel

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #222180 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: LEGO
  • Model: 7417
  • Dimensions: 11.30" h x 2.90" w x 11.30" l, 1.60 pounds


  • The set includes five game board pieces
  • 8 playing cards, and a six-sided die
  • Build the set and then play the game
  • Set includes four figures
  • Contains 295 pieces

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